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User roles in projects

At project level Kili Technology offers four roles to manage your labeling projects:

Project admin

The creator of a project is the de facto project admin. But a project can also host multiple project admins.
Project admins can do anything in the project space. They are in charge of setting up the project and managing the overall progress.

Team manager

Team managers are usually in charge of managing operations in the project when the admin is more focused on the data science activities.
They have a wide functional scope, but they are not allowed to change project settings besides managing labelers and reviewers in settings/members.


Reviewers' mission is to control work done by labelers. Reviewers inspect labels (all annotations made on each asset), edit and validate, or send back work to labelers.


Labelers' mission is to produce annotations for available assets, based on the instructions they have in the project.

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