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How to use honeypot in your project

Setting up Honeypot

To set up Honeypot, from the project "Settings" page, click on Quality management and then toggle "Honeypot".


To get best results, set up Honeypot before labelers start working on a project.

Setting assets as Honeypot

  • From the UI, in Explore view, click on the Honeypot button (next to the Review button).


Be careful when reviewing assets that are used as honeypot. Clicking the Review button changes the current honeypot setting for the asset.

  • From the API:
  1. Update the isHoneypot property of an asset, using the update_properties_in_assets Python SDK function:
kili.update_properties_in_assets(assets_ids=['id-1', 'id-2'], is_honeypot_array=[True, True])
  1. Use the append_to_labels function to activate the REVIEW label for the asset.

For a more detailed example, refer to our recipe:

Learn more

For an end-to-end example of how to programmatically configure honeypot in your project using Kili's Python SDK, refer to our tutorial on how to set up workflows.