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Using named entities recognition

With Kili, you can do named entity recognition (NER) for text and PDF type assets.

You can select entities:

  • at character level
  • at token level by double clicking on the token (text only)
  • across phrases
  • across paragraphs
  • overlapping a previous selection


To simplify annotation, we process tokens to remove extra line returns/extra spaces at the end of the token. No need to post-process them.

Plain text annotation example:


If you want to rapidly select all occurrences of an entity in the text, right click on the entity and select "Propagate".




PDF annotation example:



  • You can copy the contents of a text entity by double-clicking on it in the job viewer. You'll be able to paste it somewhere else, without the need for manual text input.
  • When finished with Named Entity Recognition, you can perform another related task called Named Entities Relation. For details, refer to Object/entity relation jobs.