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Projects overview

A project is a space where the work on data is done. This is where you configure the labeling jobs, import assets, supervise the production of labels and export the completed work.

Projects are created inside an organization. Only invited users can contribute.

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Project lifecycle

Managing an ongoing project

Project tips

Regarding your workflow and operational constraints, you can adopt two different approaches to labeling in Kili:

  • One-off project: Upload data > label > export labels.
  • Continuous work: When your initial labeling is done, you still regularly add new assets to label and improve your model.

Creating large projects with lots of labeling jobs is not efficient. Project complexity and potential performance issues mean that it is harder for members to complete all the jobs. Such a project is also harder to review.
It is better and more efficient to split your jobs in multiple projects, and then to concatenate your labels later, even if this operation must be done outside Kili.

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