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Kili security measures

Security measures implemented by Kili can be summed up in these three areas:

Secure hosting

Kili offers a range of hosting options. From a simple SaaS solution to a 100% on-premise solution designed for customers concerned about data privacy. For details, refer to these topics:

Secure authentication and re-authentication

The standard authentication method with Kili is secure multi-factor authentication using e-mail, password and an authenticator app.

You can also authenticate using the SSO options provided by GitHub or Google. Thanks to an integration with OAuth2 / OpenID Connect servers, this method will also work with our on-prem configurations.


For increased security, after one hour of inactivity you will be logged out and have to log back in.

Secure data storage

On Kili Cloud, data is encrypted at rest.

If you're using the remote storage to work with Kili, when your annotators work on data, browser directly loads files from storage without backend processing on Kili servers. You can add data to your project by:


  • URLs imported using a CSV file must be public (this is not secure for sensitive data).
  • Kili supports secure native integrations with AWS S3 and Azure Blob Storage. Google Cloud Platform support is currently under development.
  • Remote storage integrations are currently a beta feature. If you encounter any issues, please report them to us at [email protected]