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Customizing the interface in Kili UI

To customize your project interface through the UI-based interface builder:

  1. Go to your project "Settings" page.
  1. Click Add a new job and then select a job from among the available categories.
  1. If needed, add nested jobs and customize the look and feel of your interface directly from JSON file.

Example interface with one job:

You can add as many jobs as needed for your labeling task:

Adding nested jobs

To nest a job, click the nesting icon at the class/category level.

Then start adding your nested jobs.


The number of available nesting levels depends on job type and input type. For example, you can nest classification jobs with single choice input type up to the 4th level.

In PDF projects where different pages may represent different document types, transcription and classification tasks can now be defined once and set to repeat on every page of your document. Currently, this can only be configured through the JSON interface.

Other customizations that can only be done using the JSON interface:

  • Editing metadata at asset level
  • Editing metadata at category level
  • Customizing class colors
  • Customizing shortcuts

For details, refer to Customizing the interface through JSON settings.

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