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Managing assets

In Kili, an asset is a file or a document. This could be a photograph, a satellite image, a video, a PDF, an email, etc. Refer to the list of supported formats.

Refer to specific topics for information on how to:


From the Kili landing page (list of projects), you can search for any asset located in any project that you have access to by using the asset’s name (external id). The search yields a list of projects that the asset was found in. If you click on the project name, this project’s asset queue opens. The view is pre-filtered on the external id that you were looking for. This means that if you know the asset name (external id) you can now easily find it, even if you don’t know which project it was in.

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For more information on handling assets (prioritizing, adding back to queue and so on), refer to the Queue page description.

For information on how asset statuses change throughout the project lifetime, refer to Asset lifecycle.