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Managing members of an organization


To manage members of an organization, you must be organization admin. Refer to the list of user roles in an organization.

To manage members of your organization:

  1. Click on your name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. From the menu that opens, select Manage organization.
  3. Click on Members.

From here you can add members to your organization or suspend existing organization members.

Adding members to your organization

To add a member to your organization:

  1. Click Add member.
  2. Type user's email address.
  3. Specify user's role.
  4. Click Submit.


You can add many organization members at once. For example, type 20 e-mail addresses and then select a common role for the 20 new members.

If you want to programmatically add a member to your organization, copy the code from our recipe here:

Suspending and re-activating organization members

To suspend a member of your organization:

  1. From the organization members list, click the More icon next to a project member.
  2. Select the Suspend member option.


To re-activate a member, click the More icon next to a project member and then select the Reactivate member option.

Learn more

For information on how to manage users in a project, refer to Managing project members.