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Analytics page

The Analytics page provides an overview of the project progress through indicators and measures.

From the menu on the left side of the screen, you can select whether you want to analyze:

Permissions per user role in project Analytics page

PermissionsProject adminTeam managerReviewerLabeler
View analytics


Reviewers and labelers can only access analytics data about their own work.


Dataset KPIs

  • Total number of assets = all data rows - instruction data rows
  • Number of remaining assets = total number of assets - honeypot data rows + honeypot data rows with labels that are not reviewed + consensus data rows with the status "TODO" or "ONGOING"
  • Skipped assets = total number of assets currently flagged as “skipped”
  • % of completion = percentage of labeled assets compared to the total number of assets in project


  • Project Consensus mark
  • Project Honeypot mark
  • Number of reviewed assets = data rows with at least one label with "REVIEWED" status type
  • Number open issues = number of open issues within all the labels and all the assets
  • Number closed issues = number of closed issues within all the labels and all the assets

Labels created

You can track the production of labels on a daily, weekly, or monthly timeframe.


Categories count

List of categories (classes) related to labeling jobs with the sum of annotations for each class.
The displayed number is the sum of annotations per category that have been submitted on latest label.


List of labelers

This widget allows you to see the whole list of project members and their contributions to the project.

Available metrics per labeler:

  • Number of labels
  • Number of annotations
  • Average time spent per label produced
  • Total time spent labeling
  • Last activity date
  • Individual score with regards to Honeypot
  • Individual Consensus score

Number of labeled assets by labeler

This widget lists how many assets each labeler completed.

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