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Introduction to Kili Technology

Kili Technology is a tool for annotating Images, Videos, PDFs, and Text. Any company willing to build and deploy machine learning models using unstructured data can leverage Kili to overcome the labeling challenge.

In a few minutes you can start annotating your data through a catalog of intuitive and configurable interfaces. You can easily speed up the labeling process by connecting one of your models to pre-annotate the data, making the work of annotators from 2 to 10x faster.

Kili facilitates collaboration between technical and business teams, as well as outsourcing annotation companies. Kili meets the needs of small teams as well as those of large companies with massive stakes.

How Kili can help you

  • Quickly annotate thanks to simple and intuitive interfaces.
  • Easily ingest data by drag and dropping from you computer (including heavy data) or import from your cloud provider. Of course, on-premise clients keep data at home.
  • Manage participants, roles, and responsibilities at the project level.
  • Monitor the quality of production through advanced indicators, workflows, and validation of data quality.
  • Easily export the produced data.

Using Kili in training phase


Using Kili in production phase


Kili environment

Kili Technology is optimized to run on the Google Chrome browser. This browser is continuously updated for performance and security improvements so consider always being on the latest available version. Currently, Google Chrome is the only browser officially compatible with the Kili app.


  • Ad blockers with strict configuration can cause Kili app to malfunction.
  • Other browsers can still work with Kili; we do not guarantee that everything will be working correctly, though.

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