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Kili Technology provides 3 deployments options:

Kili Cloud (SaaS)

The easiest solution is to use Kili Technology cloud platform, with a Software as a Service model.

Both the platform and your data are hosted on our infrastructure.

Our cloud provider is Google, and we are using a data center located in Belgium (Europe).

Kili Cloud + On-Premise data

The second solution is hybrid, we call it "on-premise data".

If offers the simplicity of a cloud hosted platform and the privacy of an on-premise deployment:

  • Application and data generated from labeling activities (labels, metrics, etc.) are hosted on our cloud infrastructure.
  • Assets are stored on your own servers
  • Then labelers' web browsers are able to remotely get assets for labeling.


The third solution is to have Kili Technology on your own servers: on-premise.

System architecture

For details, refer to Kili architecture.



Minimum configuration for 20 labelers or 5 reviewers:

For the services:

  • 2 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 500 GB storage

For the PostgreSQL database:

  • 2 CPU
  • 4 GB RAM


On this machine:

  • An updated version of Linux, for example Ubuntu 16.04
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes or Docker-compose
  • GCloud

Additional Requirements

During the installation:

  • Internet access
  • Root access

There is no need for Internet/root access after installation.

The S3 bucket is accessible from collaborators' desktops.
Virtual machine exposes port 80 and a domain name is set up under its IP.