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Managing project members

To manage project members, go to project "Settings" page -> Members.

From here you can add new members to the project or remove existing members.

To add a new user to your project:

  1. Type user's email address.
  2. Specify user's role.
  3. Click Invite.

For information on how to add project members using our API, refer to Python API.

You can also, quickly copy the code from our recipe here:

Invitee will get an invitation by email.

  • If they already have an account in the organization, they just have to log in and accept the invitation to join the project.
  • If they are invited for the first time, they can sign up to join the organization first, and then accept invitation to join project.


Maximum number of members per project is limited to 50. If you need more, contact us at [email protected].

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