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Kili architecture

Kili Core

Kili is built from these components:

  • Backend application with:
    • Database (Postgres)
    • Messaging service (NATS)
    • Algorithms for smart tools (interactive segmentation, object tracking)
    • Orchestration engine (Airflow)
    • Object storage for assets
    • Redis cache (
  • Web API (using GraphQL)
  • Front-end web application

Kili can be operated in Kubernetes or any other runtime supporting Docker containers.

API and SDKs

Our API used for the front-end application can also be used to programmatically to integrate Kili in your systems.

To make it easier, we have Javascript and Python SDKs. Refer to our Github for more information.


User authentication can be managed by our third-party identity provider (Auth0), or a traditional login-password system.