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Introduction to Kili Technology

Data quality is a complex issue. And Kili's here to help.

Kili Technology is a tool for creating high-quality annotations on Images, Videos, PDFs, and Text. Any company aiming to build and deploy machine learning models using unstructured data can leverage Kili to address the labeling challenge.

Thanks to our catalog of intuitive and configurable interfaces, you can start annotating your data in a matter of minutes. What's more, you can further speed up the labeling process by connecting one of your models to Kili to pre-annotate the data, thus making the work of annotators from two to ten times faster.

Kili guarantees low-error datasets by letting you quickly identify the data that matters, enabling you to pinpoint the areas to focus on during the labeling phase and then find and fix any issues. Our state-of-the-art quality metrics will let you spot anomalies in no time and then solve errors by harnessing the power of our powerful workflows.

Kili facilitates collaboration between technical and business teams, as well as outsourcing annotation companies. Doesn't matter if you're a small team or a large company with massive stakes; Kili is designed to meet the needs of all businesses.

How Kili can help you

Create training datasets quickly

Explore and fix annotation errors

Simplify your LabelingOps