Object detection job template

      "content": {
        "categories": {
          "A": {
            "children": [],
            "name": "A",
            "color": "#733AFB",
            "id": "category7"
          "B": {
            "children": [],
            "name": "B",
            "color": "#3CD876",
            "id": "category8"
        "input": "radio"
      "instruction": "<instruction>",
      "isChild": false,
      "required": 1,
      "isNew": false

For general information on the JSON structure, refer to Generic JSON template.

For information on how to use named entities recognition in real-life labeling projects, refer to Object/entity detection jobs.

Job-specific settings


For information on how the named entities recognition jobs look in the exported jsonResponse, refer to The structure of jsonResponse for exported object/entity detection and relation jobs.