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Supported file formats

File format support depends on data type:


For text projects, you can import .txt files and (with the help of a small script), any xml file.

For PDF projects, you can import .pdf files.


Native support
Here are the natively supported formats for image :

.png; .jpeg/.jpg; .gif; .bmp; .webp; .ico;


In Image semantic segmentation projects, the interactive segmentation tool does not work with the following formats:

  • .ico
  • .webp
  • .gif
  • .tif/.tiff

Other formats

  • Medical (DICOMs, .dcm). To import DICOM images you can use this tutorial.

  • The tiff format (.tif/.tiff) is not natively supported, we recommend to convert files to png format. Imagemagick can help you do that.

  • For other custom or specific formats, you can try to add them to a sample project. If the image doesn't load, it means you need to convert it using Imagemagick.


Refer to this table for information on specific video formats supported in Kili video projects.

Video formatIf imported as native videoIf imported as a set of frames

Unsupported formats

.ogv; .mpeg