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October 26th, 2022

Changelog (v2.123.0)


  • [Labeling] You can now set whether or not the Skip and Jump to next/previous asset buttons will be visible in the labeling interface. This way you have more control over the options available to labelers. For details, refer to our documentation.
  • [CLI] When exporting labels in raw format through CLI, you can now use the --single-file flag to export the labels as a single file (by default, labels are exported in a multiple files, one per asset). Up to now, exporting as one file has only been available from the Kili UI.
  • [AutoML] We’ve added the eval command. You can use it to evaluate the trained model on any compatible project. Limitation: for now, the eval command works only for text classification.
  • [AutoML] We’ve added the --asset-filter option. You can use it to choose the kind of assets that you want to train or evaluate our model on.


  • [Labeling] In the Job viewer, page-level jobs are now included in the annotation counter. For more information about the annotation counter, refer to our documentation.
  • [Remote storage] Based on feedback we’ve received, we’ve made some improvements in the UI and navigation of remote storage integrations.
  • [Python SDK] Kili is now fully Python 3.11-compatible.


  • [Labeling] In the labeling interface, pressing the Esc key used to make hidden categories visible again. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • [Labeling] In Video projects, we’ve introduced performance improvements for object deletion and added toggling key frames using the Shift + K shortcut.
  • [Labeling] The Clear all action (available from the asset viewer) used to skip classification jobs. Also, in Video projects it only removed annotations from the active frame, rather than all of the frames. We’ve fixed these 2 issues.
  • [Remote storage] In projects with AWS S3 integrations, it used to be impossible to select folders. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • [Remote storage] In projects with remote storage integration, if more than 100 files had been added in a remote storage, after synchronization only first 100 files were being added in Kili. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • [Review] Issues added by reviewers would sometimes disappear when asset was sent back to queue and then re-labeled. We’ve fixed this bug.