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September 29th, 2022

Changelog (v2.121.0)


  • [Org Management] In project SettingsMembers, you can now choose to hide or display suspended project members. This should give you more visibility and flexibility handling project members.
  • [Org Management] When you click on one of the member names listed on the Organization Management page, a new page listing this member’s details opens. From there, you can see the list of projects that this organization member has access to, change member role in your organization and add this member to a specific project.
  • [Labeling] When annotating an asset, you can now check the current complexity of the annotation work by using the annotation counter located in the bottom-right corner of the Job viewer. This counter sums up all annotation tasks that have been completed so far and lists them broken down into categories. For details, refer to the Labeling overview in Kili documentation
  • [Labeling] We’re introducing new annotation tags. When you open an asset in the labeling or Explore interfaces, you can now view classifications and transcriptions (including nested ones) directly from the asset viewer. This means faster document processing and reviewing; if you want to check an annotation class or edit a transcription, there’s no need to jump back and forth from the asset viewer to the job viewer.
  • Once you define the display settings that best match your needs, these are saved: when you open another asset in the same project, you’ll see the same interface.
  • [CLI] We have added the option to import labels stored in the Yolo V4 or V5 format to the Kili app. For more details, refer to Kili CLI documentationor type kili project label --help if you have already installed the Kili CLI.


  • [SDK] When uploading assets in a project with the append_many_to_dataset function, assets whose external id already exists in the project are filtered out.
  • [SDK] We’ve increased the asset import time up to four times! Also, while assets are being uploaded, a progress bar is now displayed.
  • [SDK] When importing assets to a project, import of hosted files and import of local files have to be separated into two different calls.
  • [SDK] The make_project_public function has been deleted from the SDK.
  • [Authentication] If you use GitHub, Google, or Microsoft to authenticate with Kili, you no longer have to use multi-factor authentication.


  • [Labeling] In Image projects with object-detection jobs, when the asset was rotated, the annotations shown in the Explore view used to be misplaced. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • [Labeling] In PDF projects with object-detection jobs, when an issue was added to a bounding box, clicking the issue from the issue panel had no effect. We’ve fixed this bug. When you click on an issue, the respective bbox is highlighted.
  • [Labeling] In projects containing nested transcription sub-jobs, if the “Show tags” setting was set to on, scrolling an oversized transcription resulted in zooming in and out of the asset. We’ve fixed this issue.