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September 14th, 2022

Changelog (v2.120.0)


  • [Project analytics] We have released a completely new version of our Analytics page that lets you:

    • Track your overall project progress by accessing most important project stats with a single click. Use the visual progress bar to quickly check how many assets have been annotated, reviewed, or still left to do and then click on a specific category to immediately jump to the correctly filtered Explore view.

    • Access an overall class balance, that is information on what percentage of the total number of annotations are labels given to a specific class. For extra granularity, you can select either the whole project or drill down to specific labeling jobs.

    • Get insights on quality metrics to pinpoint the classes and labelers that need further scrutiny. When done, you can click directly on the graph to switch to the Explore view and start your review.

    • Monitor your daily, weekly and monthly asset throughput to make sure that you are on track with your objectives.
  • Deep-dive on your team’s statistics to assess relative performance among your team members and then easily export this data to process it further.

For more details, refer to the Analytics description in our documentation. As usual, we’re open to any feedback you may have. Do not hesitate to suggest tweaks, fixes or even new features.

  • [Labeling] In PDF projects, first-level transcription jobs of type "Date" or "Number" can now be set as page-level jobs. So far, this has only been possible for first-level transcription jobs of type "Text".
  • [CLI] In Kili CLI, we’ve added the command that exports a full project into the YOLOv4 and YOLOv5 formats. For details, refer to our CLI documentation


  • [Video] We’ve improved the video loading mechanism. For large videos, labeling should now be faster and take up less bandwidth.