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August 31st, 2022

Changelog (v2.119.0)


  • [Labeling] In projects using object detection, you can now set your bounding boxes to have a visible orientation marker. This way you’ll be able to keep bbox orientation consistent in projects that require it. You can set it up from the project JSON settings. For more details on available object detection parameters available through project JSON file, refer to Project JSON interface structure: OBJECT_DETECTION jobs.

  • [Python SDK] You can now use the Kili SDK to add new issues and comments. We’ve added these new methods to the Kili client:
    • append_to_issues
    • append_to_comment


  • [Re-authenticating with Kili] When your session expires due to inactivity and you re-authenticate with Kili, you’re now directed to the page that you were working on before session expiration. Before this change, after re-authentication, users landed on the main Kili page.
  • [Managing project members] Organization admins who are not members of a project but added or reviewed a label in this project are now automatically added to the project as admins. This means more reliable analytics data and asset filtering.


  • [Assigning assets] In Kili UI, when an asset was assigned to a specific labeler (or a set of labelers) it used to be impossible to un-assign it and make it available for everyone to label. We’ve fixed this bug. All you have to do now is to remove the existing assignments and then press Assign again.
  • [Reviewing] In labeling interface, it used to be impossible for reviewers to remove a label from a job that was of type “required” and had only one label (it was only possible from the Explore view). We’ve fixed this bug. Reviewers can now do that from both the labeling interface and the Explore view.
  • [Importing predictions] After model predictions were imported and labels created based on these predictions, the information in Kili UI suggested that the person who uploaded predictions was the author of the labels. This was misleading and inaccurate. We’ve fixed this issue. Name of the model is now listed as the author, together with a new “P” avatar.
  • [Design updates] In the Manage Organization page, we’ve fixed some design-related issues with the Members in organization table.
  • [Labeling] In projects with object relations, sometimes changing a class of an object resulted in the deletion of the whole relation, even if the new class was allowed for that particular relation type. We’ve fixed this issue.
  • [Labeling] In Video projects, when two annotations that had sub-jobs were merged, the sub-job information was lost. We’ve fixed this issue. The contents of sub-jobs are now correctly transferred to the merged object.
  • [Labeling] In Image projects with semantic segmentation jobs, navigating images while annotating them did not work. We’ve fixed this issue. If you use the Space bar key while drawing, you’ll be able to move your image and then continue with the shape that you started drawing.