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August 18th, 2022

Changelog (v2.118.0)


  • [Authentication] You can now sign in to Kili with your Microsoft account (personal or enterprise).


  • [Labeling] The performance of the video labeling interface has been greatly improved. The interface is up to five times faster for assets with complex annotations.
  • [Labeling] When users attempted creating a relation between wrong object classes, an error popup used to appear for a split second. To eliminate any confusion and make the process more intuitive, we’ve now made it impossible to create relations between wrong object classes.
  • [Notifications] When a project is deleted, project members are now only notified by email. In-app notifications no longer display this information.
  • [Invitation to projects] We’ve changed how project invitations work in Kili app. Previously, new project members had to click Accept in an invitation popup. Now, when members are added to a project, they receive a notification and can open the project right away.


  • [Labeling] Opening the display settings panel used to reset display settings. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • [Labeling] In some situations, the order of labels shown on screen when the Tab shortcut was being used did not follow the document structure. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • [Labeling] In Video projects, the behavior of the Spacebar shortcut used to be inconsistent. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • [Explore interface] In Explore interface, if users clicked on a prediction, the top bar used to show the name of the project admin, instead of the name of the model. We’ve fixed this bug.
  • [Project settings] In PDF projects, we’ve fixed a bug related to the scope of classification and transcription jobs. You can now set classification and transcription jobs to either page-level or document-level, but you’re not allowed to set nested page-level sub-jobs.
  • [Exporting] In project queue page, we’ve fixed an issue that was blocking export result notifications.
  • [Creating projects] During project creation, the full list of organization admins used to be displayed in the project members list; this list is now hidden by default. Only the members that you added are displayed. Note that all organization admins still have access to all the projects by default.